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 I'd type up this huge entry about what happened and changed for me in 2010 and what I'm hoping for in 2011, but the truth is I don't feel like pretending that I'm all hopeful and optimistic about next year. So you get something else instead.

2010 has been a shit year for a lot of us (duh) and I'm not one to believe that anything actually changes with the beginning of a new year. I don't make New Year's resolutions or believe this is a new start. I don't wait for things to miraculously get better, because I know they won't. And I still hope that the next 12 months will be better than the previous for all of us.

This goes out to all the people I 'met' through LJ and fandom this year. This is for all the writers and all the artists, the mods and anons, the betas and the hardcore fangirls/boys, the lurkers and the commenters, the ones who inspire and the ones who create, the ones who make you laugh and the ones who make you cry, the ones who cause wank and the ones who become so much more than fellow fans and all those in between.

You people helped me make it through that hell of a year. With your comments and your emails, your messages, your support, your encouragement and amazing feedback you put me back on my feet again and again. Some of you held my hand through writing a particularly trying fic. Some of you listened to me go crazy. Some of you let me spam your inbox when I wasn't sleeping and high on coffee and sugar. Some of you disagreed with me. Some of you inspired me. Some of you made me want to slam my head against the wall. Some of you gave me hope. Some of you were there when nobody else was. Some of you got to know me better than a  lot of my RL friends do. Some of you I grew close with and then drifted apart again. But all of you changed me.

So this is me thanking every single one of you for doing what you did.

Thank you.

I won't wish you a happy new year. Instead, I wish you a brave new year and hope that you get to dream out loud.

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