Since it's too bloody hot to sleep and I can't get the muses going, I'm composing a rec list. All of it Sherlock Holmes fic, 99% porn.

This is by no means all the fic I recommend or got bookmarked, but there you go.

Bath Time by [ profile] flying_android 
R/NC-17 | Holmes/Watson | Watson forces Holmes to take a bath.

I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got by [ profile] scornandritz 
NC-17 | Holmes/Irene, Holmes/Watson, Mary/Watson | Band!AU

in 4 parts by Skud
PG-13 - R/NC-17 | Holmes/Watson | Watson gets off on Holmes giving him orders.

The Midnight Man by [ profile] lastling 
NC-17 | Holmes/Watson, Watson/Mary | Crime!AU, Holmes is a criminal who seeks out Watson after being injured.

A Hint Of A Spark
by [ profile] foxxcub 
NC-17 | Holmes/Watson | AU, Watson is a rentboy.

How To Keep Bees by [ profile] blacktablet 
R | Robert/Jude Holmes/Watson | Robert goes through a tragedy, Jude is there for him and Holmes is convinced Watson has lost his mind.

[Okay, I feel like I should say something about this one, since it's not strictly SH, but... Look, [ profile] blacktablet is a fucking brilliant writer and this fic had me crying and smiling and feeling awful for being happy with the ending and sobbing my bloody heart out over it all. It is Holmes/Watson, in the end. Absolutely gorgeous, beautifully written, painful, too realistic and GO READ IT NOW! *ahem*]

History, Repeating Itself by [ profile] gyzym 
NC-17 | Holmes/Watson, Mycroft/Irene | Modern!AU Seriously, if there's anyone out there who hasn't read this GO GO GO you're missing out on some EPIC shit.

Trapped In The Closet by [ profile] yan_tan_tether 
NC-17 | Holmes/Watson | Holmes and Watson get trapped in a closet. You know where this is going...

Embrace by Anon
G | Holmes/Watson friendship | Holmes needs a hug, but doesn't know how to ask for it.

A Considerable Difference by [ profile] ladylovelace 
NC-17 | Holmes/Watson | First time. It's the first time with a man for both of them, which Holmes doesn't know.

Roll Away Your Stone in 5 parts by [ profile] foxxcub 
NC-17 | Holmes/Watson | Boarding school!AU

Annoying Little Things by [ profile] longleggedgit and illustrated by [ profile] reallycorking 
NC-17 | Holmes/Watson | Sex in an alleyway.

Home Alone
by [ profile] ingridmatthews 
NC-17 | Watson (Holmes/Watson) | Watson masturbates while Holmes is out.

Getting Up In The Morning by [ profile] flying_android 
NC-17 | Holmes/Watson | After a night of sex Holmes has trouble getting up in the morning.

Do No Harm by [ profile] ingridmatthews 
R | Holmes/Watson | Holmes helps Watson get back on his feet after the war.

The Art Of Making Toast by [ profile] tinzelda 
NC-17 | Holmes/Watson | Watson gets ill, Holmes has no idea how to deal with it.



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